@9 GOLF PLATFORMHow it works


The @9 Golf Platform is a fully automated program that utilizes wireless technology to stream live video into your clubhouse from two designated par-3 holes. The technology can verify hole-in-ones or be leveraged in golf outings where players are guaranteed to win an Exclusively@9 award.

This program is set up to seamlessly work with courses currently using third-party tee booking services. @9 connects to your existing tee booking sheet. All players booking online through the course’s website will book through the connecting sheet.



The fee currently paid to third-party vendors is paid to @9. There are existing processes and agreements in place that allow revenue sharing between third-party vendors and @9.

For example: A course currently pays $2.50 per round booked online to a third-party tee booking service. With the @9 Golf Platform the $2.50 is paid to @9. @9 then pays the online third-party tee booking service a portion of the $2.50 based on the revenue sharing agreement in place. Additionally, @9 collects the customary $2.50 convenience fee from each customer for all rounds booked online.

Only players booking online through the connecting sheet are eligible to participate in the @9 Golf Experience. If a player did not book online at the course website, the @9 Golf Experience can be added by the course for $2.50.

HOW IT WORKS – Golf Course

  • There is no cost for installation, technology or maintenance
  • No special par-3-hole distance measurements are required (current par-3 distance measurements are maintained)
  • There is no additional work or daily setup required by your facility
  • @9 Golf Platform seamlessly integrates into your booking platform and POS systems
  • All non-intrusive on course equipment is installed in 7 – 10 days without disruption of play
  • Everyone that books a tee time at your website is included in the @9 Golf Experience
  • @9 proprietary HD video cameras and technology provides 100% reliability in hole-in-one verification
  • @9 pays out and issues all awards
  • Your course has access to playback/review recorded video
  • @9 provides full online and onsite marketing support

Increased revenue from: golf group outings and player rounds.

Other benefits to the course include:

  • availability of daily awards
, course differentiation, word of mouth excitement, leveraging shared data, creative marketing, live feed of par-3 holes in clubhouse, URL sharing of par-3-hole, and video content online.


Exclusively@9 gives players the unique opportunity to win a limited-edition @9 Breitling watch, an exclusive @9 Rovia travel package or $5,000 in cash any time they score a hole-in-one on designated holes. Players can also win a guaranteed award when participating in an @9 sponsored golf outing. Exclusively@9 will continue to announce additional collaborative partnerships that expand our award offerings.


The @9 Golf Experience differentiates your course from the competition in your area, increases demand for golf outings and increases value and excitement during every round daily.


Coming to your city soon! The @9 Golf Experience will be available nationwide in every major city to a limited number of participating courses.

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